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BQ-470 – 4-Clamp Binder

BQ-470 – 4-Clamp Binder

BQ-470 features 4 clamps, and operates with both EVA and PUR glues. Replacement of the glue unit takes only a few seconds. BQ-470 handles tough materials cost-effectively and without any unnecessary waste. The binder is controlled by the TOUCH&WORK technology through the colour touch display – Simpler and more productive.

  • Fully automatic setting – Intuitive LCD touch display icons. Replaceable spine binding units – Both EVA and PUR glues may be used.

  • Order change – Simplified and accurate order transition.

  • Dual application rolls with side gluing – Stronger binding.

  • Space savings – Space-saving design with front area maintenance.

  • Excellent bookbinding thickness – Up to 65 mm.

  • Great production speed – Up to 1,350 books per hour (EVA).

  • Ergonomic sliding windows – Easy and safe access and clear production monitoring.

Book block maximum format: 320 (h) × 320 (w) mm
Book block minimum format: 105 (h) × 145 (w) mm
Envelope maximum format: 320 (h) × 660 (w) mm
Envelope maximum format: 135 (h) × 225 (w) mm
Book thickness: 1–65 mm
Maximum production speed 1,350 books/hour