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The Xerox IJP 2000 machine is a solution that combines wide format, top print quality and speed, and it is ideal for interior application printing.

This colour wide-format printer features four rolls with automatic media feeding. These represent its total capacity of 600 meters (1,067 mm width). Unlike traditional ink printers, in which the printheads move back and forth above the medium, the IJP 2000 printer's stationary printheads are located in a line across the entire width of the medium. The medium moves at a constant speed. Since it is not necessary to wait for the printhead to move to the next pass position, printing becomes several times faster. The printer features physical 1,600 DPI resolution and its colour range is comparable to eight-colour plotters. It prints at a speed of 150 mm per second with maximum resolution on maximum media width.

Technical Parameters:

Technology: Digital press, thermal ink printing
Colour scheme: CMYK (dual black channel)
Resolution: 1,600 DPI
Maximum format: Roll width 1,067 mm
Material thickness: 64 to 200 g/m2
Print speed: Max. 420 m2/hour

Processed Media:

Material type: Roll
Material type: Paper, coated paper, self-adhesive foil, vinyl, textile materials, etc.