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Yuandong ML-1600

Yuandong ML-1600

  • This die cutting machine represents special equipment designed for the die cutting and creasing of a wide variety of materials like cardboard, corrugated cardboard, plastic materials, and leather.

  • The machine may be primarily used in the polygraphic industry, packaging and decoration production, and in the plastics industry.

  • Its sliding bearings are made of high-quality copper-brass alloy in order to minimize wear and reduce vibrations.

  • The flywheel is able to develop a high force moment and pressure as well.

  • The machine’s body is cast from top materials as one block. The result is the overall high rigidity of the machine.

  • Its single disk electromagnetic clutch is sensitive and reliable.

  • The machine allows single -time or cyclic switching. The cyclic switching timer period is adjustable.

  • While in the working position, the machine may be monitored easily, and its cutout plate may be opened for optimum reach during maintenance.

  • Reliable safety system.

Maximum cutout area: 1,600 × 1,240 mm
Max. knife length: 48 m
Feeder regime:  Manual
Delay setting: 0–10 s
Output: 800 cycles/hour