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The XLD 170 cutter is special equipment designed for the industrial production of sheets, which require a perfect vertical cut. These include, for example, wallpaper and panel segment motifs, which are highly sensitive to precise application of the individual segments. The machine automatically cuts both longitudinally and transversally per marks. It cuts longitudinally in the middle of the sheets as well. The machine cuts both rolls and sheets.

The cutter is able to compensate for poor sheet media and roll feeding. The machine's step motors make sure its accuracy deviation does not exceed 1 mm.
The machine's other great features include the programmable medium length and also the knife system with a self-sharpening function.

Technical Specifications:

Technology: Automatic cutter
Maximum format: Width 1,700 mm
Material thickness: Maximum 0.8 mm
Y axis accuracy: 0.06 mm
Processing speed: Maximum 18 m/min.

Processed Media:

Material type: Roll
Material type: Paper, PVC foil, self-adhesive foil, backlight, banners, vinyl, textile materials